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Ms. Lena Tabla Cummings
Project Coordinator

I am Ms. Lena Tabla Cummings a hands-on peacebuilding activist and civil society leader experienced in designing, delivering and evaluating capacity building and institutional strengthening trainings with a principal focus on advocacy, community mobilization, citizen participation and project development, in particular for gender mainstreaming issues.

Mr. Fredrick Sumo Quenah
ICT, Logistics & Driver

I am Fredrick S. Quenah, employee staff of the Women NGOs Sacretariat of Liberia. I have worked with the Secretariat for past six years up to present. At a driver, my duties is to carry all WONGSOL Staffs in and out of Monrovia during the work of the Secretariat. At an ICT personal, I repair and mentain  all of WONGOSOL Computers and even the one hundred four members organizations Computers.

Mrs. Berttee Forkpabio
Public Relation Officer/ KTK

I am Berttee Forkpabio, Senior Student of the University of Liberia; reading sociology and public administration. I am working with the Women NGOs  Secretariat of Liberia as Public Relation Officer sance June 3,2013 to present.


Mrs. Nora B. Neufville
Mentor/ IREX

 I am Nora B. Neufville who joined the organization of WONGOSOL  the IREX/ USAID under the Civil Society Media Leadership (CSML) program  2013 in May  as a mentor . I work as mentor with 17 CSOs/ CRSs  in Grand Bassa and Montserrado County. I mentor these organizations in the following areas:

Miss Petrolina G. Bass
Program /OSIWA

I am Petrolina G. Bass from Bong County Liberia, a freshment student at the United Methodist University (UMU) where I presently studying Major in Sciology and Minor in Peace Studies, I have worked for the Women NGOs Secretariat of Liberia for the past four (4) years, from 2010 up to present. I am now employed as an Office Assistant.

Mr. Wesseh K. Fullah
Program Staff/ OSIWA

I am Wesseh K. Fullah, a graduate of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University College located on Benson Street in Monrovia with a Bachelor degree in Accounting.

Mr. Joel E. Monger
Project Staff

My name is Joel E.Mongar and I worked for the Women NGOs Secretariat of Liberia (WONGOSOL).

I hauled from River Cess and Grand Bassa Counties, respectively; I am a social worker and social activist (vulnerable groups).

I am a BA Degree holder with emphasis in Sociology and minor in Anthropology from University of Liberia, P.O. Box 9020 Capitol Hill, and Monrovia, Liberia.

Mrs. Esther D. Yango
Membership Coordinator

I am Esther S. Davies Yango, one of WONGOSOL Secretariat team member. I started work with the secretariat as Rapporter in 2009; presently, I am the membership Coordinator.

Mr. Henry H. Howe
Mentor/ IREX

I am Henry H. Howe, and I am a mentor on the IREX led Civil Society and Media leadership (CSML) PROGRAM. On this program, I along with other team members coach/ train 17 CSOs/ Commiunity Radio Stations in Montserrado and Grand Bassa Counties on three areas:

  • Advocacy
  • Proposal Development
  • Institution Assessment


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