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Civil Society and Media Leadership Program (CSML)

Background of the CSML program: IREX is implementing the civil society and media Leadership Program (CSML) with funds from the United states Agency for international Development (USAID).The Goal of the CSML PROGRAM is to “sustain peace in Liberia through greater inclusion of civil society organization (CSOs), giving voice to the people, informing and engaging Liberian citizens. Under this overarching goal, IREX will work to strengthen Civil Society Organizations and the independence media in Montsurrado, Grand Bassa, bong, Nimba, and Lofa. Grand Gedeh and River Gee Counties. The CSML program seek to engage experienced NGOs as resource partners to provide training and mentoring to CBOs, CSOs, and Community Radio Stations (CRSs) in the above counties. These CSOs/ CBOs and CRSs will network, carry on advocacy and develop proposal for the small grants in the implementation of these services to its constituency.